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Persuasion is one of my favorite Jane Austen novels Anne Elliot is my favorite heroine and I adore Captain Wentworth The idea of knowing Captain Wentworth's thoughts was very appealing That the book cover contained an endorsement from Pamela Aiden persuaded me to pick these up I loved Pamela Aidan's take on Mr Darcy, but these books completely miss the mark I can't picture this Captain Wentworth While None But You captures his voice better than For You Alone, this man is not Jane Austen's captain This man references that while he visited prostitutes, he thought about Anne And, when Anne finally accepts him, this Captain Wentworth has no problems running away with her and getting married in some inn and spending his honeymoon night with her in the sordid room left vacant by the inn's working girl This is wrong on so many levels.If you want to read about Captain Wentworth, read the original Persuasion and draw your own conclusions as to his actions and frame of mind Don't bother with this drivel. One of my favorite Jane Austen stories and I always feel like I am missing so much I LOved that we got to see into Fredrick's life I love that we get his side of the story The author really knows her stuff and these novels do not disappoint they have the feel of a Jane Austen but for me are easier to comprehend But oh it was England and the sea and the careful to never say what you really feel It was great The beginning was a little long and painful but fun to get to know Fredrick in his element If you love this story read these books you will not be sorry. I was prepared to love this book, thanks to reading several favorable reviews on multiple sites and adoring Pamela Aiden's Mr Darcy, Gentleman series However, this work was hardly worth the paper it was printed on, and it is clear that not much was spent on that! Everything is wrong with this book, from the uneven pacing and mindnumbing repetition of ideas and thoughts to the fact that every single page is formatted differently and has an inconsistent number of lines There is at least one glaring grammatical error per page, whole chapters of rambling dialogue with no clear purpose, deliberate misspellings of names (to be clever?), and absolutely no understanding of naval procedure beyond a grasp of jargon (At one point, Wentworth orders Benwick's crew to beat to quarters solely to cover Benwick's melodrama, but then leaves the entire crew cleared for action for the remainder of the night while he watches Benwick sleep.) I highly doubt that anyone edited this book even for grammar errors Worse, the author seems to have no clear direction in her narrative Wentworth spends over 100 pages getting up the nerve to tell Benwick his fiance is dead and Wentworth himself is rather flaky, dull, and petty He spends the entire novel making derisive comments about everyone he comes in contact with and mooning over his lost Anne We are even at one point subjected to an entire two pages describing an erotic dream he has about her None of this is balanced by any sort of redeeming drama or character development When I finally reached the end, having held on in the hopes that eventually it would get better and something would actually happen, I realized to my dismay that Anne and Frederick had not exchangedthan a handful of lines of dialogue and the story had already reached Lyme!I will not be reading the second book in this series I have no interest in this version of Wentworth, nor do I think anyone will who holds some affection for Austen's original. This is Jane Austen's Persuasion told from Captain Wentworth's point of view It's a two book set Book two is not out yet If you've ever read Persuasion you can guess where book one stops It was interesting Though I'm not normally a fan of imitations of classics I always think to myself This probably isn't how [insert any classic author] meant it. Well this book started out slow at the beginning which was mainly about Wentworth during the few months before his arrival in Somersetshire It was interesting to see how he occasionally remembered Anne as well as glimpse his other friends, etc but it just fell a bit short in keeping my attention I turned every page just for the hope of getting to the meat of the story and Anne's reintroduction to his life.After the story caught up with JA's version I quite enjoyed it The emotions seemed real, the writing well done, and the imagined occurances, actions, and dialoge in line with Austen as well Also, Kaye's historical correctness was such a breath of fresh air She dorrectly described the different types of ships and the inner workings of the British Navy It was nice to have some real knowledge imparted amidst the fiction of the story Also, I think I can safely say that Louisa Musgrove is certainly not a favorite character with the author In the original Lousia was not any kind of favorite to me but neither was she whiney, manipulative, and outright rude at times She just seemed naive, a little spoiled, and fickle in her opinions and feelings Kaye though has taken all of these traits to the extreme here causeing me to outright despise the little twit While on the other hand I have found myself greatly likely Mrs Harville whom you really don't get to see too much of in the original She proves herself to be a wonderfully kind, intellegent, and loving person What a great character to have on the sidelines to show Wentworth what a good woman should be By the way I love how Wentworth completely and almost ruthlessly calles out Musgrove on his lack of standing up to his own wife Mary in allowing her to stay to by Louisa's side instead of Anne I know that Musgrove already knows this internally but he needed to made completely aware that others saw this as well and that it was shameful All in all it was a great version of Persuasion and I can't wait to get started on the second book and continue getting to know Wentworth . Quite simply: this is a Must Read if you are a Persuasion fan. I really enjoyed this book The writing was very much in keeping with Jane Austen’s I appreciated that there were many older British naval phrases and used throughout, which a naval Captain would have used They helped to give the story a very “authentic” feel I also really loved the scenes with his friends Benwick and the Harville’s The interactions with his friends helps us to see a side of his character that is better observed with action over words Before I read this I was a little nervous that someone my favorite Austen hero would be ruined, that he wouldn’t really match the one Jane wrote about I am happy to say I was wrong The author does a wonderful job of bringing him to life and giving us a better picture of him If you love Persuasion then you absolutely must read this book.Now I am reading the second volume and can’t wait to see what else I learn about my beloved Captain Wentworth. This is a thoughtful retelling of Persuasion from Capt Wentworth's point of view much in the same vain as Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy series Jane Austen's style never lets us know anything that Anne does not so what's in Wentworth's mind is a mystery Finally, we hear his side of the story as he tries very hard keep Anne out of his heart and fall in love with another girl (which of course Anne must painfully watch unable to say a thing) Wentworth is suffering greatly too even as he attempts to move on with his life It's a classic situation both in still in love, both hurt by what they don't say until the truth finally spills out I think Jane Austen might have approved A must read for fans of this story It left me longing for the second part to be published Let's hope we don't have to wait as long as Anne did to hear from her Captain again! (DOWNLOAD PDF) ó None But You á Eight years ago, when he had nothing but his future to offer, Frederick Wentworth fell in love with Anne Elliot, the gentle daughter of a haughty, supercilious baronet Sir Walter Elliot refused to countenance a marriage, and Anne's godmother, Lady Russell, strongly advised Anne against him Persuaded by those nearest to her, Anne had given him up and he had taken his broken heart to sea When Jane Austen's Persuasion opens in the year , Frederick Wentworth, now a famous and wealthy captain in His Majesty's Navy, finds himself back in England and, as fate would have it, residing as a guest in Anne's former home Now, it is the baronet who is in financial difficulties, and Anne exists only at her family's beck and call For eight long years, Frederick had steeled his heart against her Should he allow Anne into his heart again, or should he look for love with younger, prettier woman in the neighbourhood who regard him as a hero? The mature sweetness of Jane Austen's Persuasion is brought to life in Wytherngate Press's, None But Youthe first in the twovolume series, Frederick Wentworth, Captain, by Susan Kaye This is from the same publisher as the Fitzwilliam Darcy trilogy so I thought I'd give it a try It's the story of Austen's Persuasion from Captain Wentworth's point of view I like it and will read the second (just came out), but I didn't think the author captured Austen's writing style as well as Pamela Aidan did in the Darcy books Still, a clean, fun read for Austen fans.