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[Read Kindle] ó Recursion Ü Reality Is BrokenAt First, It Looks Like A Disease An Epidemic That Spreads Through No Known Means, Driving Its Victims Mad With Memories Of A Life They Never Lived But The Force That S Sweeping The World Is No Pathogen It S Just The First Shock Wave, Unleashed By A Stunning Discovery And What S In Jeopardy Is Not Our Minds But The Very Fabric Of Time ItselfIn New York City, Detective Barry Sutton Is Closing In On The Truth And In A Remote Laboratory, Neuroscientist Helena Smith Is Unaware That She Alone Holds The Key To This Mystery And The Tools For Fighting BackTogether, Barry And Helena Will Have To Confront Their Enemy Before They, And The World, Are Trapped In A Loop Of Ever Growing Chaos Blake Crouch s latest science fiction thriller is a complex mind messing of a thought provoking read It is intense, time shifting and asks profound questions of identity, memory, and what it is that makes us human Just be prepared to find yourself buffeted all over the place I understand that the novel is going to be filmed, and I am not surprised by this, this is a twisted story that just fizzes with energy and vitality NYPD police officer Barry Sutton tries but fails to prevent a woman leaping off a skyscraper Despairing and distraught, she spoke of false memory syndrome FMS with their vibrant and visceral memories and how her son has been erased, but he had never existed Is FMS a contagion A deeply troubled Barry, with his own past traumas, sets out on a journey to investigate.Helena Smith is a brilliant neuroscientist carry out cutting edge technology research on memories A well intentioned woman, her mother is suffering from Alzheimer s disease, which drives Helena s ambition and work on a memory chair, where she can record memories and re implant them Her project receives a huge boost when a rich philanthropist injects it with the necessary financial resources, but does he have a darker hidden agenda Barry and Helena drive the narrative until their paths connect What are the repercussions of having our memories manipulated and replaced Is it a worthy desire to replace our painful memories How does this impact our sense of who we are Crouch writes a hard hitting, insane, ground shaking thriller, well constructed, full of tension and suspense, that rockets around all over the place with it s ideas and concepts It certainly holds the reader s attention with ease, although I admit to enjoying Dark Matter , there are times when this feels slightly clunky on occasions Strap yourself in for one hell of a thrill ride, movingly touching on some crucial issues, with its overt agenda of making you think Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC. But what do you cling to, moment to moment, if memories can simply change What, then, is realImagine you woke up one morning and discovered that your entire life your job, your kids, your friends, all your experiences wasn t real It still feels real You remember it vividly But you also suddenly remember another life your real life And you are told that the life you remember is a result of FMS False Memory Syndrome an illusion created by your brain.I don t know about you, but that thought is horrifying.In this book, New York City cop Barry Sutton investigates the suicide of a woman with FMS She killed herself after trying to make contact with the husband from her false memories and finding him married with a child How strange it is that she remembers an entire life with a man who exists, but he doesn t seem to remember her at all Barry finds himself needing answers.Eleven years earlier, neuroscientist Helena Smith conceives of a technology that can preserve memories and could eventually be a cure for the Alzheimer s that is stealing away her mother s mind Funded by a mysterious billionaire, Helena builds something that enables people to relive their precious memories But she never foresees the darker side of the project the side that triggers an unraveling of, not only the past, but reality itself.Needless to say, these two stories collide and it is some mind bendingly awesome stuff Crouch has written yet another weird, compelling and oddly romantic book Like Dark Matter, you can expect this book to get bigger and wilder than you ever imagined before even a hint of a solution rears its head I do also really enjoy how the author brings a lot of heart to these sci fi thrillers Sometimes sci fi books feel a little cold and emotionally distant, but Recursion is ultimately a very emotional and human story Stories about memories really get to me, because our memories and experiences make us who we are I am my memories And one of the saddest things I can think of is not being remembered by someone you love deeply.A thrilling story with very moving moments.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube UPDATE IT S OUT Go read it so we can all gush about it 4.5 As always, Crouch knows how to keep you on your toes and does a great job at mixing thriller and sci fi genre.A mysterious disease starts affecting people s memory, giving them memories of a life they never lived NYPD detective Barry Sutton is trying to investigated how the False Memory Syndrome is spreading and ultimately will come to face Helena Smith a neuroscientist who invented a device that s changing the world.Recursion will make you question time, memory and life.While the characters and dialogues didn t grab me from the start, I grew to care about them and their story and By the end, I couldn t put the book down The story also became a lot darker than I expected which I loved and the concepts mentioned were fascinating.If you ve enjoyed Dark Matter by him, I recommend you pick up this one.Can t wait to see the Netflix adaptation I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. me finishes reading any book by Blake Crouch me what the fuck..me at dinner what the fuck me trying to sleep what the fuck.me in the bathroom what the fuck.me breathing w hAt THe F uCK