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5☆ An Endearing and Very Thrilling Read!Lies Lies Lies is a dark domestic thriller/noir which kept me hooked till the very end!Simon was introduced to alcohol from an early age and it becomes very clear to see he has a problem!Daisy and Simon appear to be happily married but there are hidden cracks Despite trying to hide them, everyone on the outside can see Simon's drinking is spiralling out of control.Daisy and Simon have spent years trying to have a baby, after so much heartache and failed attempts at fertility treatment they finally conceived naturally and the beautilly charismatic Millie is born.Simon is so desperate to have another baby he bullies Daisy into attending an appointment to see if they can conceive again.But Simon is told some devastating news and his world is about to be blown apart!His drinking gets a whole lot worse! This is where I stop as i don't want to risk giving anythingaway!Lies Lies Lies is exactly what this book is about, secrets, lies, deception, tragedy, heartache, is rife throughout this enthralling book.There are some difficult subjects such as alcoholism, fertility treatments, depression, but Adele has handled them with the right amount of sensitivity to still make a relevant impact.The twists and turns are cleverly plotted, the characters are superbly written, desperately flawed and not always likeable.So if you are looking for an endearing and thrilling read that will keep you turning the pages and an ending that will surprise you, then grab a copy of Lies Lies Lies by the very talented Adele Parks!Thank you to HQ Publishers for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.My Review is also on my Blog Website : 2.5 stars Twisty, twisty, twisty!Daisy and Simon are the proud parents of sixyearold Millie Millie is a bright and vivacious child who lights up the room Daisy and Simon struggled for many years trying to have a baby before Millie came Simon really wants to give Millie a sibling Years of trying again have failed and Simon’s drinking has become a full fledged addiction.This novel started off strong I felt emotionally connected to Daisy and Simon with their deep hearted struggle to expand their family When the novels‘ focus turned to Simon’s alcoholism, my connection faded Alcoholism is devastating and it is depicted quite well through this story However, I did feel that at several points, it was overdone Many scenes, descriptions and chapters surrounding Simon dragged on too long I felt for Daisy but was also quite frustrated with her accepting many of her predicaments as is, instead of fighting for what was right.The entertainment factor is high — there is a lot of drama within this story For me, the second half, most specifically the ending, took the drama way too far and I lost any connection I had made Although there are many shocking twists that caught me by surprise, many of them felt forced and unrealistic.I loved this authors previous book, I Invited Her In Unfortunately this one doesn’t compare However, I look forward to what she comes out with next in the hopes it islike my first reading experience with her work.Thank you to Harlequin and NetGalley for my review copy! The first half was BAD.The second half was WORSE!I had everything figured out at the 32% point, except for the twist in the epilogue which was so ridiculous that you could not figure it out, no matter how good of a sleuth you are One star for the author's accurate portrayal of the downward spiral of an alcoholic Triggers ; Alcoholism, Sexual Abuse, and the killing of an innocent kitten! I cannot say that I enjoyed ANYTHING about this slow paced story, but there are plenty of 4 and 5 star reviews out there, so clearly you just may love it!Genre: Domestic drama/suspense NOT a mystery/thriller.Thank You to Netgalley, the publisher and author for the digital ARC provided in exchange for a candid review! U.S Publication date: Aug 4, 2020 Lies come in every shape and size From a harmless, ittybitty white lie, to showstopping whoppers! And as the title would imply, this book has them all!Daisy and Simon have been living a quiet, comfortable life with their daughter Millie and their closeknit group of friends Having just learned that Daisy may have lied to him, Simon's drinking goes off the rails, leading to a devastating accident which leaves him incarcerated for years Now Simon is about to be released, it’s unknown if Daisy will even consider taking him back? Or worse, has she moved on with an old school friend? Brace yourself! At this point the lies come fast and furious! Brainrattling, jawdroppers included! Told from both perspectives of Daisy and Simon the book flowed smoothly Though the first half rolled out slowly as the storyline developed, the second half left me white knuckling my kindle! Adele Parks writes a finelycrafted, twisty thriller that provides nonstop shocking moments as each lie is revealed.Thank you to NetGalley Harlequin Trade Publishing MIRA and Adele Parks for an ARC to read and review. 3.5 stars These lies, lies, lies were not what I expected and this story was not either Adele Parks lead me down one twisty road with turns that left me shockingly heartbroken The story explores some dark realities like alcohol addiction, abuse, and infertility This is not a light read or a dark twisted, thrilling and chilling thriller butof domestic suspense.The story explores the dark, messy married lives of our main characters Daisy and Simon Simon has been drinking for a while, and it’s a behavior he is familiar with, and things seem good with them and their daughter They believe the lies they tell themselves about Simon’s drinking After learning a lie, Simon’s drinking spirals out of control, and I felt a sense of dread as to what was ahead for this family.The story centers heavily around Simon’s drinking, and my heart was breaking with the lies he tells, and Daisy accepts With every turn of the story,lies and secrets are revealed The suspense rises, and tension increases with each turn right up to the end.Some of the twists to the story left me gasping for air others push it for me and didn’t add up for me, and I thought were done for the convenience of the story In the end, it all worked for me Just when I thought things were wrapping up, there is another twist to the story that left me surprised.I received a copy from the publisher for a blog tour.https://travelingsistersbookreviews.com Wow where do I start? Deep breath!!! This book is like a runaway train with its many twists and turns, ups and downs, not knowing where it’s final destination will be and as exhilarating as a runaway train!!This book should come with a warning ‘ Totally Addictive clear you’re diary before commencing” I read this in one day and absolutely LOVED it!!Simon and Daisy seem like a happy couple with their daughter Millie They had tried to conceive for several years and she is very special to them Simon has always loved a drink but now his drinking has spiralled out of control which leads to a dangerous accident.What is there not to like about this book? There are secrets galore and you never know what will happen next, which keeps you guessing until the end Finished this and had to take a minute to take in the ending My head is spinning!!Will definitely be on the look out for Adele Parks next book with bated breath This is my first but definitely not the last I will read of hers.A massive 10 out of 10 with 5 stars for this amazing story.You may have guessed I liked this book!!!Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review. Ever since Simon took he’s first sip of beer aged just six, an unhealthy obsession to alcohol was born.He’s dad having been a heavy drink and for the impressionable young child leads to so many ill judged choices.Now 36 and married to Daisy with daughter Millie, life couldn’t beperfect for him.But that nagging addiction of spending time in a bar than seeing his child in the school concert just highlights how damaged he is.Whilst I don’t agree with all of Simons actions it was at a friends party that highlights how others are not giving him the support he so desperately needs.As Daryll an old university friend of Daisy isthan happy to source drinks for him, it’s this latest drunk binge that has massive repercussions for Simon and his family.This book itself become quite addictive as I was desperate to know what would happen next.What secrets and lies does Daisy hold to allow her husband to get in that state, you’d think she’d keepof a measure on his drinking.Brilliantly written with strong characters that a reader can deeply care for, whilst hoping that Simon can ditch the bottle it was mainly Millie that I was rooting for.This was my first Adele Parks novel, but plan to delve intoof her work having really enjoyed this! Instagram || Twitter || Facebook |||| PinterestLIES, LIES, LIES is not a nice book about nice people It's a surprisingly gritty, nasty little book that doesn't offer up any easy excuses or answers for the very flawed humans inside its pages The blurb and cover for this book are a little deceptive because it makes it seem like this is going to be a mystery and I suppose it is, but only in the sense that the dual POVs allow for some unreliable narrating as characters lie to others and themselves, withholding several crucial truths from the reader until the end.Simon and Daisy have been married since their postcollege days but now that marriage is on the rocks Simon is struggling with his increasingly worsening alcoholism and Daisy has a few secrets she's hiding from her husband as she tries to hold her illconcealed disdain for the man she married in check The only thing they can agree on is their unequivocal love for their young daughter, Millie, who is full of light and wants to be a dancerAnd then, one day, something terrible happens.I liked how this book approached the dark subjects inside with one glaring exception, which is a mild spoiler, but I'll state it here because it upset me so much: I hate it when animals die in fiction Apart from that, I thought Adele Parks did a great job not resorting to stereotypes It was hard to decide who I really feltsorry for, and my emotions were in a constant state of flux until the end LIES, LIES, LIES is ultimately a test of how far people go for the ones they love, how much they're willing to tolerate, and whether some things in a relationship are just impossible to forgive The side characters in this book are also really interesting They never just fade to background: all of them are involved in the plot pretty heavily and my opinions of them changed several times, too That was pretty refreshing, since oftentimes, supporting characters can feellike narrative props than people.The only thing that did make me raise my eyebrows a bit was how the subject of withdrawal was handled Alcohol is a depressant and when someone drinks as much as Simon is and is suddenly forced to quit cold turkey, there is not just a danger of delirium tremens, which he experienced, but also death It felt negligible on the part of the people responsible for the abrupt quitting to not know that and slowly wean him off of it, as I believe istypical in situations like these.Overall, LIES, LIES, LIES was a really engrossing book and I had a hard time putting it down once I realized that it wouldn't resort to the tired old tropes and actually neatly deflected some of my expectations quite cleverly I've seen a lot of my friends reading Adele Parks and now I know why If you enjoy books about tautly plotted family dysfunction, like Lianne Moriarty or Jodi Picoult, I think you'll really enjoy this one It's brutal.Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!   3.5 to 4 stars I'm going to say straight up that I did not like this book Yes, as the title says it's about lies The lies told by odious characters, none of which are likeable It's about alcoholism, bullying andThe worst part is a small child is involved Other people have rated this book, so I'll leave it to you to make up your own mind, however I have nothing good to say about it This book was really not a good fit for me.I received an uncorrected proof from the publisher in exchange for a honest review The opinions are entirely my own. `READ DOWNLOAD ☔ Lies, Lies, Lies ↾ Daisy and Simon’s marriage isn’t what it seems… After years together, the arrival of longedfor daughter Millie sealed everything in place They’re a happy little family of threeSo what if Simon drinks a bit too much sometimes—Daisy’s used to it She knows he’s just letting off steam Until one night at a party things spiral horribly out of control And their happy little family of three will never be the same againIn Lies, Lies, Lies,Sunday Times bestselling author Adele Parks explores the darkest corners of a relationship in free fall in a mesmerizing tale of marriage and secrets