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@Read Epub í The Complete Aubrey/Maturin Novels (5 Volumes) ô Patrick O’Brian’s twentyonevolume AubreyMaturin series has delighted generations of devoted fans, inspired a blockbuster film, and sold millions of copies in twentyfour languages These five omnibus volumes, beautifully produced and boxed, contain , pages of what has often been described as a single, continuous narrative They are a perfect tribute for such a literary achievement, and a perfect gift for the O’Brian enthusiast My relationship with these books and the men who inhabit them is as real as (almost) any relationship I’ve had, and realer than all but a few I’ve read, passed along, reread, and recirculated these books for many years, and have praised them to all with ears th entire time Now, I’ve finally (a) completed my record of their and our friendship by acquiring this beautiful boxed set and (b) passing along to a younger reader all of my other copies of these wonderful books If he enjoys them 1/100th as much as I have, he will be richly rewarded. I took up a writing about reading challenge recently, and I ran into a question asking, What is your favourite series? I'd have thought this was an easy topic to write about How man good series can there be? Turns out quite a few.My first thought was to pick one of the many excellent fantasy series (Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Earthsea Cycle, etc.), or one of the lesser but entertaining series in the same genre (Dragonlance, Narnia, Conan, etc.) But then I remembered that The Three Musketeers was part one of a five part series Which made me remember that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, shorts and novels, constitute a pretty serious series Which made me remember my beloved Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown books from my childhood And this path into mysteries reminded me that I love Henning Mankell's Wallander books, and Steig Larsson's Millenium books, and Caleb Carr's Kreizler books.And that's before I even considered the looser, less confined series, like China Miéville's BasLag books, Iain M Banks' Culture novels and Ursula K LeGuin's Hainish Cycle Myriad choices.Yet with all this choice, and all these series that I love (andthan a few that I've left unmentioned), there really is only one choice for me Volume 1: 1 Master and Commander June 29, 2016 2 Post Captain July 16, 2016 3 H.M.S Surprise August 16, 2016 4 The Mauritius Command December 19, 2016Volume 2: 5 Desolation Island February 13, 2017 6 The Fortune of War February 16, 2017 7 The Surgeon's Mate March 5, 2017 8 The Ionian Mission March 14, 2017Volume 3: 9 Treason's Harbour April 18, 201710 The Far Side of the World May 2, 201711 The Reverse of the Medal May 10, 201712 The Letter of Marque May 23, 2017Volume 4:13 The ThirteenGun Salute July 26, 201714 The Nutmeg of Consolation September 28, 201715 The Truelove October 18, 201716 The WineDark Sea October 26, 2017Volume 5:17 The Commodore November 15, 201718 The Yellow Admiral November 28, 201719 The Hundred Days20 Blue at the Mizzen21 21 (Unfinished Novel) Deeply enjoyed all of these; my late Bob rejoiced when I turned him on to these fine seagoing novels which bring the British Navy of the Napoleonic Wars so vividly to life Robert and I read and reread this series over and over againI've read 'em four times all the way through, just me, with delight His bent was just a lil bit tadtechnical in the matter of exact methods of sailing, weaponry, strategies of war I am STILL gobsmacked by the depth, the quality, the sweet complexities of plot and the admirable characterizations on gorgeousspread display AND, for sauce, the language is unbeatable These are simply marvelously wellconstructed, meticulously researched, and told with a verve and swash that will pull you clean out to deep blue seas.You don't have to read 'em down in order, but the most fun may be to begin at the beginning, and go right along with our heroes, their ladies, and their infinitely varied adventures Book 1 (which was kinda lumped in with chunks of 2 in the movies, and even Russell Crowe couldn't really do that as well as the novels do) is Master and Commander Fair winds and prosperous voyages!Jeannette