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This is my favourite series by Meg Cabot There is something endearing about Jess Mastriani, a dedicated flute player with anger management problems and quick fists, and Rob Wilkins, who just happens to be one of the sexiest characters this author has created ( a guy who knows his mind, works hard and above all, waits for the girl ) It's great to see how all the loose ends get tied in this final book, although I am going to miss this series. I think the rating for this one holds I actually liked it better than the third and fourth book now, but it is fairly weak still The characters just feel odd post time jump And really I feel like Jess should be older than 19 for this story.Also, it really annoys me how every YA character that Meg has post YA time period is involved with something with kid'sJess teaches music, Suze is a freaking guidance counselor (which was probably the worst of the lot of the careers), and Mia has that stupid tutoring center While the career sort of works for Jess it doesn't work for the other characters and it makes me roll my eyes.Also, the stupid elementary school plot is sort of rehashed in the Boy is Back Anyway, may have to take a break from my Cabot reread binge and read something else I pray to God that the Mediator series holds because 1800 Where R U was a bit of a disappointment to say the least To see full review click here.This isn’t a bad book but there is a big disconnect between it and the other four books.To be fair there were a lot of outside factors contributing to the disconnect The fact that this book was published years after book four The fact that it was originally intended on being a long series and Cabot had to stuff the end into one book.So, those factors contributed it was a nice send off.Not the best send off though.I really wish the 1800 series would’ve been given two books not one by Harper to finish things off But beggars can’t be choosers.I think by itself Missing You isn’t that bad It has a nice well rounded plot (perfectly predictable, but good enough) And the characters aren’t awful.But they aren’t themselves either.It almost seems like during the years in between the publication of Sanctuary and Missing You, Meg sort of lost sense of these characters And I know, it was probably because of the time jump, but I just didn’t like it.I didn’t like Jess’s mad punching skills being reduced to nothing (seriously, she can’t defend herself at the end, Cabot, for reals?) And Rob was acting just weird.Sorry, theI reflect on it that scrapbook thing was sort of creepy.It’s not the worst finale in the world, but after binging on the four previous installments it just sort of sticks out.And I’ll admit, when I first read this book I was in awe but now I’m just sort of over it. Before we get into this review, there are some things you should probably know I LOVE Jess Mastriani I adore Rob Wilkins I have loved this series from the first book I am soooooooo sad that its over I was apparently absent the day in 4th grade where they though you not to start every sentence with I.Now that the business has been taking care of, I just adore this series I can't say enough how much I love a good spunky and snarky heroine, and Jess definitely has that down She is funny, silly, feisty, and really makes me relate to her I get hot and flustered with Rob when she does too, because I am soooo right there with her And if Rob is half as hot in real life as he is in my head, then DAMN I didn't buy this series at first, I got it from the library, all except for this book, which I was planning on donating to the library but now I think I'll keep them and just buy them all Yes that's how much I love them But as Levar Burton says, You don't have to take my word for it Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comAfter a very long wait, readers will be able to find closure with the last book in one of Meg Cabot's hit series, 1800WHERERYOU Ms Cabot begins the novel almost two years after the last book Jessica Mastriana is now at Julliard after the long, tedious days she spent helping the U.S government find the bad guys during war Although it did help her country, the things she saw as she was overseas took a toll on her Instead of being able to dream about missing people, now Jess only dreams about the horrible scenes she saw during the war This ultimately leads to her losing her powers But now that is all behind her It's summer and Jess is living with her best friend, Ruth, along with Michael and Skip, and is helping to teach kids how to play a musical instrument All Jess wants to do is to forget about the past and start over Unfortunately, her plans are ruined when her exboyfriend Rob flies all the way to New York to see her But it's not to ask her to get back together with her like Rob needs Jess to help him find his sister, who just went missing Before she knows it, all the things that Jess wanted to forget come crashing back But with her powers supposedly gone, how can she help Rob, the one person she especially wants to forget about? After the long wait, we expected for this series to end with a bang, and Ms Cabot does not disappoint MISSING YOU is the perfect ending to the 1800WHERERYOU series, tying up all loose ends and resolving all problems, leaving the reader with no unanswered questions Most characters return in the story, and even a surprise romance begins Readers will root for Jess until the very end, while falling headoverheels for Rob all over again The only sad part is, now the series is completely over! ( DOWNLOAD KINDLE ) ☹ Missing You ♦ Goodbye, Lightning GirlEver since a walk home on a particularly stormy day, Jessica Mastriani has had an ability like no other She became known worldwide as Lightning Girla psychic who could find the location of anyone, dead or alive Jess finally had no choice but to embrace her newfound talent, and ended up lending her skills to the US government But her work for them has taken a terrible toll, and Jess resurfaces months later a shadow of her former self, her powers gone, Lightning Girl no Her only hope is starting over in a new place, a big city where nobody knows herIt's only when Rob Wilkins unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep that she's forced to face her past Rob, all the way from back home, needs her help But how can Jess, her powers gone, find anyone, let alone the sister of a man she once lovedwhen she can't even find herself? Missing You, the fifth and final book in the WhereRYou series The perfect ending for s series that was so amazing.I am trying to decide which one I like the most The mediator series or 1800whereryou I just realized my review was full of spoiler (view spoiler)[I find Jess and Rob to be an amazing couple He is a very sweet guy, and he tried so hard to be someone her family her mom would approved of, because he respects Jessica that much He waited for her and when she came back she was broken so he kept waiting.I think the book is good The message, about how Prejudice is bad is used in a good way Jess's mom Toni had that problem So Jess gave her an ultimatum.I think I would love to have a Rob And A Doug, and a Ruth I was kind of teary when Rob was telling Jess how far gone he had been when they were notdating (hide spoiler)] Original review posted here.3.5Okay, so for those who don't know 1800WhereRYou is a series about Jess, who was a normal girl until she got hit by a lighting and started finding people and this is the last book of the series.The first thing that put me off on this book was the fact that it had passed so much time since the last one! On the fourth one Jess isn't even finished with high school or is old enough to officially date Rob but them we start this one and years had passed, Jess had went to the army (!!) and was all messed up and I didn't even knew why she was messed up (I mean, in theory I knew, but I would have liked to read about that time too).Taking that away I had a great time with this book, as I always have with the books on this series (or just Meg Cabot books in general, really) We have a new case and Jess has a lot of things to cover but most important, SHE IS FINALLY OLD ENOUGH TO DATE ROB!!! So yeah, lots of interesting things, super recommended to lovers of this series or of Meg Cabot books. Where to begin! This book was wonderful! It's about Jess Mastriani, Lightning Girl as she is known to the world, she went off to work for the government but it took a cost She lost her powers to find people She came home and saw her boyfriend being kissed by some chick So she left Her and Ruth went to New York Jess is empty, she hasn't felt anything in a long time She screams in her sleep Rob shows up saying he needs her help finding his little sister Rob yells at her saying that she was broken and that she won't let anyone close enough to help her Her powers come back, so she comes home and finds Rob's sister Jess's mother is still putting her on this pedistal of this normal girl Jess's dad and her have a cute moment She cries saying she can't go back to the government and she doesn't want to be a concert player and doens't want to marry Skip as her mother wants her to Rob shows Jess that he fixed his life and got money all for her and to prove to her parents that he's worthy enough for their daughter They get engaged It's really good! Loved this story! Great ending for the series! I posted a short review of the first book in this series, and now I'll post a short review of the series as a whole.I've read nearly everything that Meg Cabot has written While some parts of this series were familiar to me as a Cabot fan (the tough heroine, ready with a punch, the parents that simply don't understand), this series was a real departure from her norm.In her blog, Cabot has written that 9/11 never happened in Mia's world (the heroine of the Princess Diaries) 9/11 did happen hereand so did the war in Afghanistan, if not in Iraq Unlike her other works, Cabot confronts real issues and real life problems in this bookinternet predators, porn, post traumatic stress syndrome Jess' brother has schizophrenia, and this series could be said to be about his recovery as much as Jess' These real problems make the stakes in Jess' life seem evenpowerful.I would highly recommend this book to any Cabot fan that would like to see her stretch beyond what's familiar. Missing You, the fifth and final book in Meg Cabot's 1800WhereRYou series, takes place several years after the events of the first four books Jess, now nineteen, is at the lowest point of her life Having agreed to use her freaky psychic power for finding people (gained when she was hit by lighting) in the service of the U.S Government specifically Dr Cyrus Krantz and his group of psychic special operatives Jess has recently returned from the war in Afghanistan exhausted, emotionally scarred and devoid of her psychic powers Despite suffering from posttraumatic stress, Jess is relatively normal for the first time since the fateful lighting strike three years before.Jess isn't sure what she expected when she moved to New York to study music at Juilliard, but she surely expected to be a whole lot happier than she currently is In fact, she's not only dissatisfied, she's restless, at loose ends and not sure what she wants to do with her life When she opens her apartment door one evening and finds her ex, Rob Wilkins (the boy Jess was once convinced was the love of her life) standing on her doorstep, Jess isn't even sure if she's happy to see him As it turns out, Rob isn't in New York for a happy reunion He needs Jess to try and reawaken her powers so he can find his missing sister.Missing You is a fitting finale for this thoroughly enjoyable series In keeping with the maturity of the characters, the themes areadult and somewhat darker and Jess is a little less exuberant and slightlycerebral (although no one would ever call her subdued) I love that Meg Cabot wrote this book for all of the readers who wanted to know what happened to Jess and Rob Missing You not only delivers a wholly satisfactory ending to this series, it's a great story all on its own.