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!DOWNLOAD ☪ The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy ♶ Pride and Prejudice told from a delightfully different point of view The Holy Grail of Pamp;P sequels AustenblogOriginally published in the UK Mary Street's ingenious retelling of Jane Austen's classic story now makes its US debutto the delight of the fans of Austen's comic masterpiece of divine romance In Fitzwilliam Darcy, Austen created the ultimate romantic hero Yet Pride and Prejudice reveals little of Darcy's innermost thoughts Here, Street unveils the true motives and mysteries of Elizabeth Bennet's enigmatic suitor Through Darcy's eyes we discover the reality of his relationships with his sister Georgiana, his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam, the dastardly Wickham, his friend Bingley, and his formidable aunt, Lady Catherine And of course, all his memorable encounters with Elizabeth, from that first view of her fine eyes to his disastrous proposal, and then to a pride and arrogance tempered by an unquenchable love I enjoyed this very much It is really nothan Pride Prejudice told through Darcy's eyes, but it is well done and, unlike others I have read, fairly convincing The only slight issue I would take with the storyline is that Darcy really does seem as arrogant and unpleasant as Elizabeth first believes him to, up to the point of the proposal at Hunsford when he begins to mend his ways In the original, the interlude with the housekeeper at Pemberley makes it fairly clear that was not really the case (but of course this part is excluded from this book as Darcy would not have been privy to it).However, overall I found this a very satisfying read, although if you prefer theoutrageous PP offerings, it is probably not for you To this day I still laugh at that AustenBlog blurb, which of course I wrote Settle in for a story, kids.Many years ago, when the Internet was young and ebooks the domain of extreme nerds and archivists, this book was published I read and reviewed it on my website (preblog) and as I liked it well enough, said so I often received emails from people asking me where they could buy a copy Unfortunately Robert Hale, the publisher, did small print runs and the book had been out of print for a few years I directed them to eBay and used book sites, but couldn't help otherwise One person wrote back to thank me for my time, and I made bold to ask her why she was so eager to get that book She said it was the only PP sequel that got consistently good reviews (This was long before the rise of selfpublished JAFF.)Finally I wrote to HaleI mean, typed a letter on paper, stood in line at the post office for an airmail stamp, a LETTERtelling them about my correspondents and perhaps they should consider a reprint I received a very polite British letter telling me they were considering a reprint.So I went over to the Derbyshire Writers Guild and told the JAFFfans that if they want to read it, they should let Hale know I understand a letterwriting campaign was undertaken which resulted in a reprint By that time I had started AustenBlog and wrote a post saying, Hey, this book that everyone is dying to read will be coming out again soon I know it's the Holy Grail for some of you (paraphrasing because too lazy to look it up)A few years later, a (very smart) American publisher decided to republish it and has (smartly) kept it in print since And when it appeared, it had my Holy Grail comment, completely out of context, on the cover This delights me so much.As to the book: it's pretty good and Darcy fans will enjoy it You know who you are, you Knights Templars of JAFF Go forth and get your Darcy on. This is PP from Darcy's point of view Published originally in 1999 this is a manly Darcy Not a whiny emo cry baby Yes he loves Elizabeth but he doesn't take to drink; much, mope, whine, cry or let Pemberley crumble to the ground Tightly written and easy to read A lovely story. So far so good but what is the deal with this: on page 101 Georgiana practised till her fingers bled Um, what? I have practiced piano for 6 hours straight and I'm sorry but those milky smooth keys just don't make fingers bleed Maybe she could have practiced till her back ached? Or till her rear end started going numb? Or till she was practically falling asleep right there on the bench? Those things arelikely On second thought, perhaps if she was doing hours and hours worth of glissandos, a blackkey glissando may have ripped some skin off I must admit that I have done that before Ouch. One of the better Pride and Prejudice from Darcy's perspective novels I've read (and I can't seem to help myself when it comes to them) Georgiana and Fitzwilliam were both givenscreen time than in the original, and the Bingleys were perfectly in character.Street did a much better job looking at Darcy's motivations than some other writers, and the change in him was quite clear if a bit sudden, happening very quickly after a certain proposal scene.In a book like this, so closely tied to the original, the author can't help but use some of the dialogue we all know Street did a good job of keeping in only the pertinent bits, and focusedon Darcy's internal monologue, his reactions to Elizabeth's teasing being the important part.Altogether, it's a fast moving read, and she did a very good job of keeping up the tension and suspense the original had I was very cranky with the poor customer who interrupted me just as Darcy was visited by Lady Catherine :) Many Austen fans say that Mr.Darcy is one of their favorite Austen heroes And why wouldn't he be? He is tall, dark, handsome, passionate, and does everything in his power to win a woman It is not surprising that many have attempted to portray his feelings and thoughts during Pride and Prejudice It is something every Darcy fan wants to know When did he fall in love with her? What did he feel after her rejection? What did he do during the time in London? This attempt to retell Pride and Prejudice from Mr Darcy's pointofview was enjoyable and insightful, yet sometimes it fell short of the mark I recommend reading Pride and Prejudice before reading this story, as you will better appreciate how and where the author derived her story The story starts with Darcy arriving at the Meryton Assembly and seeing Elizabeth for the first time We hear the famous insult he says towards Elizabeth and from that point he can't stop thinking about her I enjoyed exploring his feelings and hearing his thoughts However, I wish the author gave usI was wanting Darcy to bepassionate, I wanted to seeof the struggle he felt within himself The Darcy in Mary Street's book did an immediate 180 after receiving Elizabeth's rejection I would like to believe that as a proud and sometimes stubborn person, it might take Darcy a while to realize the error of his ways Another thing that irked me was that Darcy seemed omnipotent or psychic sometimes It was as if he could read Elizabeth's mind and knew why she did what she did, when it didn't seem probable I didn't think that Jane Austen's Darcy was that insightful In addition, I wish the author wascreative with adding new characters or creating what Darcy did in the period where he was away from Elizabeth and in London Overall, I am glad I read it as I enjoy reading aoubt Darcy and it is not the worst Darcy retelling I have read Out of the ones I have read this is how I would reank them: 1 An Assembly Such as This: A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman (Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman) 2 The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy 3 Mr Darcy's Diary 4 Darcy's Story I recommend this book to fans of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, and Mr Darcy It was an enjoyable, light, and easy read. Don't be turned off by my 3star rating I have realized that I've been too generous in past reviews, and rather than go back and change them all, I'll just institute my new standards now I really enjoyed this book! It was so much fun to have a classic revisited with a fresh perspective and from Mr Darcy's side This was recommended, along with Darcy's Story and I think the two just don't compare Confession was creative, true to the story but failed to regurgitate all of the original Pride and Prejudice The characters were easier to relate to from this new side, but not as black and white as in Darcy's Story Overall one that could be fun to have in the home library along with PP I bought this book on January 15, 2008 and just finished reading it for, at least, the third time In owning over 100 JAFF in paperback and on kindle, it is very difficult to remember what each is about Some do stand out With this one I remember finding it began and ended with amusing lines First, Darcy is fuming that Elizabeth contrived to bring herself so much to my notice throughout the course of that evening And, last, he is admonished to remember You cannot expect to excel if you do not practise a great deal by Elizabeth when he bungles their first kiss.I own at least three other Darcy POV variations on PP: Pamela Aiden's Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman, Regina Jeffers' Darcy's Passions and Stanley Hurd's Darcy's Tale in 3 Volumes I have to say Mr Hurd's is so far my favorite but Volume III of his trilogy is not yet out And to be fair, he is writing 6 years after this author so he has her and the others' work(s) and the reviews of such to learn from and expand upon.I found this book to be very enjoyable First, my copy only had 2 errors It was also complete vs copies which had duplicated chapters Even though I knew what was going to happen, I found that, I wanted to keep reading to see what happened next Mary Street does follow canon Ironically, I read reviews that hammer authors for using JA's words while other authors, such as in these reviews, are told that the book is boring because of the use of JA's words JA's words helped to ground me in the story It may not have been Regency language every time but I found it very interesting.I did not like the way it endedthe bungled kiss was so UNromantic, even though funny I would have liked to have readsexual tension, not necessarily sex, but that angst when the chemistry is astir I did like reading stepbystep of how his totally negative opinion (sturdy figure, indeed!) changes And it not a sudden thing butI was in the middle of it before I realized or to that effect I especially liked the various scenes in which he overhears/eavesdrops and learnsabout her wit and about her kindness, in certain situations There are no surprises with this story Rather just someone wanting us to look at it from Darcy's viewpoint More could have been done with it but this is enjoyable, especially when you consider how many years ago it was written and how this JAFF genre has evolved. The Confession of Fitzwilliam DarcyEnjoyed this book It followed Austen's Pride and Prejudice, but much was added during his realization why Elizabeth refused his offer of marriage at Hunsford Soul searchingin depth with Darcy realizing just how badly he's acted in the past with Elizabeth His Aunt Catherine's tirade after confronting Elizabeth again gave him the push that he needed to go back to Meryton Same misunderstandings throughout this story, but I think Fitzwilliam's soul searching after his refusal was excellently written In this version the first kiss was awkward because their lips missed, but the second was powerful Elizabeth reminds him that they'll never be proficient unless they practice! Well, Lady Catherine's lesson was finally taken to heart She'd be proud!